Finding the right Posture with Dean Saunders

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Finding the right Posture with Dean Saunders

One thing that I get frustrated most about with golfers that are not performing the way they wish is the lack of discipline and detail in thier set up. A key part to this is posture. Now we know that all of us a different shapes and sizes and with different length arms and legs. We have different movement capabilities and pyhsical restrictions so sometimes the "athletic posture" you may see from elite athletes on the TV is not always possible.

However what is possible is to follw so simple core concepts and be in a position to repeat this posture time and time again allowing for a more chance of more consistent movement.

1. You should feel that the pressure is in the middle of the foot, with maybe a slight favouring to the balls of your feet. 

2. Push your hips back to coutner balance, with the aim of getting your arm pit over the ball of your feet.

3. From here your arms should hang naturally dead weight from your body

To see how you can achieve this check out my YOUTUBE video on the AFGOLF YouTube Channel HERE



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