Get into Golf with Mike Murphy

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Get into Golf with Mike Murphy

It’s a real buzz, it’s a really good way to get some exercise in and a great way to enjoy yourself, It’s a really interesting game and everyone will have their own level of ability and with the right tuition and guidance we can help you maximise your potential.


Being a beginner at anything is challenging but with the right support in golf this is the best time to make really big improvements, step by step you get better or in this case shot by shot, you’ll get better, Trust me when I tell you no matter what level you get to at this game, there will always be something that can be improved, The enjoyment of this game comes when you start to hit the ball better,


There’s so many different parts to this game, from Driving to pitching to putting and iron shots, helping you to improve each aspect is what we’re all about!

Golf is a great game, it caters for all backgrounds, no matter how young or old what height you are etc etc, it doesn’t matter, you can play golf, It’s also a very levelling game as of the handicap system, the weaker players are able to play with the elite players.


 Golf is a great game for the social side of life, People relaxing, talking about golf and the fun of being able to talk to people about how you’re improving. Each person plays their own golf ball and just tries to get the ball in the hole in the least amount of shots possible, Easy right? The person that does it the best wins! It’s a game of distance and direction by controlling the two of them you’re onto a real winner,


Golf is a very sociable game because you’re talking to other people, it’s very sociable because it gives you an opportunity to meet people of all backgrounds in a neutral environment, The beauty of the game is, if you play that one shot that makes you go wow, that was pretty cool, that’ll bring you back to try again!


Our Centre is the ideal spot if you want to get into golf. We have a brilliant driving range and golf store. We have a lovely par3 course and a perfect full 9hole course to start your golfing career! Come and join us and we’ll get you to see how much fun this game can be.

Why not come down and have a cup of coffee and talk to our staff about how to start playing this great game, Hope to see you soon!


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