Getting a good routine with Luke Roberts

Getting a good routine with Luke Roberts

One of the key things I have learnt whilst having 50 extra hours to myself in the last few weeks is the importance of having a decent ROUTINE.

It has also amazed me how relatable it is to the game of GOLF.

A lot of golfers mainly focus around regimental SWING PRACTICE to make their individual swing better, with the hope of hitting the ball more consistently.

I personally would always find if my SWING PRACTICE was on point ie (hitting the ball well) id have high expectations for the up and coming Monthly Medal.

Have you ever caught yourself sounding like this?

“What did you shoot today Luke”

“Oh, well I hit the ball so pure today and I drove the green on 7”

 This result is a direct affect coming from your PRACTICING SWING routine in between your weekly game of golf with your mates or the monthly competition.

If you consistently find yourself coming off the golf course feeling robbed of a great score because you hit the ball so well let’s suggest a change in your PRACTICING SWING routine.


Spend more time learning how to get the ball in the hole. This requires time out on the course instead of time on the driving range hitting hundreds of balls. Play 3-4 holes working on your individual pre shot routine or perhaps hit 2 tee shots of every hole and play the worst ball.

Simple exercises like this will get you better at PRACTICING GOLF and improve your scoring around the course. Stay tuned for more of my tips on routine next week

Keep Swinging

Senior PGA Professional

Luke Roberts

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