Impact matters even in Putting - Start the New Year Strong

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Impact matters even in Putting - Start the New Year Strong

It is bad enough that you miss-strike an iron into a green or a driver off the tee, but how bad can you feel after striking a putt badly?

Over the years I have seen many players fail to realise the importance of a consistent strike with a putter and what an inconsistent strike with a putter can really have an effect on.

So why does it matter if you strike a putter consistently?

1. Speed control, moving the strike location around the face will simply mean the ball will come off the putter at different speeds, meaning judging distance will be very difficult.

2. A ball struck from the toe or the heel of the putter can often mean that the ball may start right or left of the intended target line, and with the knowledge that being 1degree out on a 8 foot straight putt can lead to you missing the hole there is a good chance you are going to see more putts roll by than drop in.

So how do we fix it? One of my favourite drills is to use two sleeves of golf balls.

* Place the sleeves of balls either side of your putter head leaving about 2-3mm either side. 

* Place a ball in the middle of the putter face

* Slowly make some putting strokes making sure you do not hit the sleeves of balls

* If you are struggling with a golf ball, try without and just make some practise strokes.

You can check out my short video on this drill at our YOUTUBE page HERE

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