Is Swaying a problem for you in your golf swing?

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Is Swaying a problem for you in your golf swing?

Is swaying a problem for you in your golf swing?

First of all, what can be affected in your swing if you sway.

  • Strike pattern
  • Ball Flight
  • Club path
  • Swing plane
  • Swing Arc
  • Weight transition
  • Power
  • Speed

Just to name a few!!!

Swaying occurs when the hips move laterally during the golf swing. During the backswing the hips will slide towards the back foot and during the downswing and through impact the hips will slide forwards towards the front foot. In essence the hips aren’t staying in place.

The most common scenario for hip sway is due to too much torso movement off the ball when making the backswing. 

To paint a picture for you the average human head weighs around 5kg. (The heaviest part of the body) We use around 20 muscles located in our neck and spine to move it. So, what is going to happen if we make a backswing swing and our head moves off the ball………..

In most cases golfers who suffer from this sway believe they are getting their hips involved, however don’t realise or haven’t been taught the correct way to engage and use them.

In short, failure to coil the hips on the downswing will make it impossible to uncoil them on the downswing and towards impact. This will result in an all arms swing where only the shoulders will rotate. Thus, affecting two of the main attributes most golfers want which is CONSISTENCY OF STRIKE & POWER.

Consistency of strike is something we all strive for in order to enjoy our golf. I for one never really feel too disheartened walking off the course if I have had a solid ball striking day even if the score didn’t reflect it. (or maybe I’m just relieved that I’m getting closer to the 19th)

One simple thing to remember in this sport is the object ball doesn’t move. Your body however does and to even greater lengths if you sway, making it harder to deliver the club back a reliable position at impact consistently. The player then becomes reliant on using natural ability and hand eye coordination to keep the strike consistent.

If you struggle with this it may apply to you and its especially important to remember your day to day coordination varies which means so will your sway from round to round. So this may be why you experiencing difficulty in that all-important consistency factor.

If you need help on this, want to know more or have any questions regarding your own swing or problems you may have please feel free to leave your comments below and don’t forget to check out my latest video tip on Hip Sway.

Luke Roberts

Senior Professional, AFGolf Store

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