Luke Gives You 3 Ways To GAIN Distance With The Driver!!

Luke Gives You 3 Ways To GAIN Distance With The Driver!!

Everyone wants to hit the ball further, especially the driver. Whether you average 100 yards or 300 yards off the tee, who doesn’t want and extra 15 yards????

In this weeks blog I will tell you how you can gain distance for free.

You don’t have to spend more time in the gym to find a little more pop. The 3 tips below will help you increase your overall driver distance in no time at all.

Flare Open Front Foot

First, flare open your front foot. Rotate your foot closest to the target, so that your toe points a little bit more down the line. It doesn’t have to point directly at the target, in fact, that’d probably hurt your distance (and blow out your knee). Try rotating it no more than 45 degrees.

This change will allow you to clear your hips and rotate them through the ball a little bit easier. In the golf swing, a lot of your power comes from the lower body, so this simple tweak will give your lower body a greater range of motion, resulting in added distance.

Swing Faster

The two main factors that influence distance are swing speed and strike

However NEVER sacrifice centeredness of strike to gain swing speed.

You can practice swinging faster though.

70 to 80% of your clubhead speed is generated through the arms. I like to practice swinging with alignment sticks to get my speed up. Try to create as much sound as you can through the hitting area gives you a great feeling of how to release and get that speed up.

Tee High, Tilt Back

Tee the ball a little bit higher than normal and tilt your spine backwards. This spine tilt will allow you to catch the ball more on the upswing.

Swinging up on the ball gives your club more loft without changing the actual loft of the club. With a centred strike combined with that shallower angle of attack the longer a ball will stay in the air and the further it can travel.

For those of you who regularly visit AFGolf Store Cambridge, please don’t hesitate to approach me if you see me on the driving range. I want to know how you get on with those DRIVER TIPS and more importantly want to help you guys with your golf.

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Hope you all have a great week!!

Luke Roberts


AF GolfStore

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