Luke's Better Ball Striking with a bottle of Squash

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Luke's Better Ball Striking with a bottle of Squash

One of the most important things to achieve better scores in golf is to make sure you are getting consistent contact with the ball. Mis hits, Fat and thin Strikes can lead to a world of pain and some pretty high scores.

As in golf we don't have a moving object as you would in football, tennis or badminton, ensuring that we maintain a centred approach to impact will help us deliver the club to the same spot as the ball.

Try this quick drill to see how you get on

1. Place a water bottle on the outside of your right foot (right handed golfer)

2. Make you normal backswing so as to not move your foot and knock over the bottle. 

3. Make sure your centre point (middle of your rib cage) stays fairly neutral over the top of the ball.

4. As we move into the downswing try to make your first movement towards the target and move your foot away from the bottle.

5. If you start to notice that in the downswing you move towards the bottle or even knock it over this is referred to as a reverse pivot an can seriously hurt your chances of a good strike.

6. Once you have finished your swing check to make sure the bottle is still standing and there is a nice gap better your back foot and the bottle.

Give this tip a try and let me know how you get on. You can see my tip online AFGolfStore Cambridge- Improve Your Golf Ball Striking - YouTube

For more information or if you are still struggling with your game I am available for Golf Lessons at our Kingsway Golf Centre Academy in Melbourn Cambridge.  (1) Luke Roberts Golf Lessons – AFGolf Store

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