Lukes thoughts on club fitting

Lukes thoughts on club fitting

Having played golf for nearly 20 years I have had my fair share of “golfing chat”. With pros, amateurs and people who have never played the game of golf.

A great topic of conversation is “really how much does having your clubs custom fit make a difference”.

Having been through the process a hand full of times myself, it’s very relatable when the word “intimidating” crops up, thus deterring customers and students from divulging in the experience.

We @ AF GolfStore provide a very specific type of custom fit experience.

First things first!

You’re being fit by a Qualified PGA Professional


  1. LISTEN to your wants and needs and
  2. Provide you with the best possible options.

From then on, it’s your choice, something customers regularly forget. Instead of being wanted to be told what you need………  the whole reason for getting your clubs custom fit @AFGolfStore is your seeking PROFESSIONAL advice.


 With the added value of custom-made clubs built to your swing and stature.

Onwards from that we provide a fully stocked state of the art custom fit studio, which allows the customer to experience not 1 brand, not 2 brands but 9 different unique manufacturers with full fitting kit. To put the icing on the cake not including the cherry the customer gets to see the ball flight hitting out onto our driving range combined with the reliance of TRACKMAN technology to back up the results

I feel most importantly WE @ AFGolfStore are all extremely, approachable, friendly, passionate and take pride in providing YOU the customer with the best possible outcome in a FUN & RELAXED environment.

I encourage you now to start booking in your custom fit experience once we are rid of this daunting time.

I for one will be happy to see you, meet you and look forward to helping you find your ideal set of golf clubs.


Luke Roberts

Senior PGA Professional

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