Meet The Coaches - Luke Roberts

Meet The Coaches - Luke Roberts

Luke Roberts is one of our senior coaches at AFGolfStore, Kingsway in Cambridge. With over a decade of coaching experience globally, Luke has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help any golfer reach their goals.

Whether it be a quick fix, 30-minute lesson or a long-term improvement plan, Luke will quickly identify the weaknesses in your game, and make you fully aware of how to improve them. With the application of drills and exercises you will begin to see a pathway to more enjoyable and successful golf.

Luke is passionate about coaching all golfers, and claims to enjoy meeting new people as it gives him a chance not only to learn about others but continue to help him grow as a coach as he develops skills to help all golfers learn in the way that best suits them.

He states his best asset as a coach is his communication skills and the way he can get his points across to the player. His communication skills have definitely improved fast with the challenge of working in China! For two years Luke worked at Palm Springs International Golf Centre, Shenzhen. On a daily basis he would have customers who couldn’t even speak the same language, so Luke would have to adapt his skills to cater for the golfer in front of him. This skill has stuck with him and given him the ability to help all golfers, of all ages and ability.

If you would like to know more about Luke, watch his video on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

For more information and to book a lesson with Luke you can visit his page here, he will be happy and ready to take your game to the next level! CLICK HERE

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