Ollie's San Diego Adventure to the Titleist Performance Institute

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Ollie's San Diego Adventure to the Titleist Performance Institute

Ollie one of our PGA Professionals and Retail Manager was lucky enough to be taken to TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) in California this February. During this period of uncertainty, we are going to try and provide all our customers with some interactive content through blogs, videos and quizzes to keep you and ourselves entertained! We hope you find the information useful and fun.


The objective of Ollies trip was to understand in more detail how Titleist work and what they are doing to maintain themselves as one of the best golf manufactures across the globe. With a focus on their approach to custom fitting and how we as retailers can improve our customers performance through their equipment.


I think the first thing to note would be how much time and effort Titleist spend on their quality control of each product. Rest assured if you purchase a product made by Titleist it will last both cosmetically and performance! We visited their factory in Carlsbad where clubs from driver to putters are made. Their attention to detail is incredible, each product used by Titleist whether it be a ferrule, grip, shaft or head must meet strict durability tests before being put on the assembly line, there was even a test for their torque wrenches! This was eye opening as I had never seen such detail before even assembling clubs.


Vokey SM8 was launching in the US when I attended and I was lucky enough to meet Bob Vokey himself, who still plays a pivotal role in the Research and Development of their products. He shared stories of professionals he has helped make wedges for which include non other than Tiger Woods and Seve Ballesteros. Again his attention to detail was incredible and he talked us through how each wedge grind might work for you and why they are sold.


The most eye opening thing about the trip was their custom fitting process. We were lucky enough to be taught by their Tour Fitters how Titleist products should be custom fitted. The keys points I could take away would be summarised as to help golfers get;


More Velocity

Improved Dispersion

More Launch

Better Strike Location


We use Trackman to measure all these parameters to help you efficiently. But the one thing they all said was to focus on the club head more than anything else. Yes the shaft is important but only as the transmission of energy, it is NOT the engine of a club. We as fitters can have the biggest impact on your performance through the club head.

Loft, Lie, Weight, Perimeter Weight

Another major concern highlighted to us was that how often golfers long irons and hybrids aren’t working effectively for them. If your decent angle with any club is less than 45 degrees it won’t stop when it lands on the green. This highlighted how important the ‘top’ end of a golf bag is. (5iron-3wood) Can you honestly say you can it your 4 iron to land on a green and stop? I would challenge everyone to check that area of their golf bag, you might surprised at the clubs that would be more effective! (I was fitted into a 7 wood rather than my 3 iron!) 


I feel I learnt a great deal about how I can improve your equipment to help you shoot lower scores. All our staff are constantly being challenged to improve how they custom fit clubs to you, with regular training from myself and manufactures. Rest assured next time you visit let AFGolf Store we will be equipped to help your game!



Ollie Fullerton


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