PING G425 Bringing MOI to the MAX in 2021

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PING G425 Bringing MOI to the MAX in 2021

We love the simplicity and performance when PING bring new product to the market. The G425 is classic PING. Sleek and simple in its design, superb performance characteristcs and thier simple and clear options allow for fitting to the correct player really simple

In the MAX head the MOI pushes 10,000 mainly with the help of the 26 gram adjustable weight, which allows s as club fitters to move the CG and set in a neutral, draw or fade setting. 

The T9+S forged face of the driver helps create not only a great sound but also that all important ball speed. 

The reshaped, sleeker head helps to reduced drag and increase clubhead speed and with a centred strike can really some improvements in ball speed. 

One thing that Ping has often lacked for the stronger, fast swing speeds is the ability to reduce the spin lowe enough. in the LST (Low Spin Technology) head this G425 has great flexibility for us as fitters to reduced that spin when we need to. 

Finally the counter balanced 8 gram ALTA CB shaft comes as standard, although with our Premium Fitting solution we also have many possiblities if that shaft doenst quite work for you. 

The arccos system is also a very cool addition to the G425 range this year allowing you to understand where you go wrong on the golf course.

Being a Premium fitting Partner with Ping we have all the options you need to ensure a a great fitting and to get the most out of the G425 range

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