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Have you ever struggled so much with your golf game that you cannot get the ball in the air? Struggled with distance with those medium irons and stopping them on the greens? Well Callaway in 2021 have revamped, reignited and refueled the Big Bertha Range to crate BB21, a product from Driver to Irons that could help you do just that. It has a sleek design and look and iconic Callaway sole plate make it look fantastic at address. Some of the core features include Unlock Your Inner DistanceIf you want to hit the ball farther, you have to hit...

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It is bad enough that you miss-strike an iron into a green or a driver off the tee, but how bad can you feel after striking a putt badly? Over the years I have seen many players fail to realise the importance of a consistent strike with a putter and what an inconsistent strike with a putter can really have an effect on. So why does it matter if you strike a putter consistently? 1. Speed control, moving the strike location around the face will simply mean the ball will come off the putter at different speeds, meaning judging distance will...

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