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As most of us know Putting can make or break a round of golf. Simply holing those extra few putts can be difference in lowering the handicap or losing to your buddies. Quite often one of the biggest mistakes we see on the putting green is a need to follow the putt with your eyes and body as if you were hitting a full shot. This huge amount of movement in a putting stroke can lead to a number of problems 1. Miss Hits leading to poor speed and pace control 2. Not being able to start the ball on...

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Well for the first time in a long, long while I had the pleasure of watching all 4 days of this year’s Masters. Albeit a very autumnal looking Augusta this year, what a pleasure it was to have it on our tv screens in what has been such a challenging year. We all knew scoring records would be under threat this week knowing how soft Augusta would be playing and how far these guys hit it. The undulating greens, usually being the protection to low scoring sadly didn’t really play apart as the players were able to take dead aim...

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Was it my clubs?

Was it my swing?

Did I lift my head?

Have I got the correct shafts?

If you have ever asked yourself any of the above questions on the golf course or driving range then as a golfer you are not alone. For too long in the golf world whether it be coaching or club fitting players have been ruined, given up, bought the wrong equipment because they simply didn’t know what the problem was and quite frankly therefore had no clue on how to improve and get better.

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Has it ever crossed your mind the impact Technology has had on the game of golf? Have you noticed how the golf balls we use in this day and age fly much further and straighter than ever before? The Drivers that we use are much lighter yet far more powerful, each year a new Driver appears which is longer and straighter than the last one, The Irons are better balanced, shafts are lighter and more flexible in the right places, A 7iron now travels about the same distance as a 5iron used too, This is all great but the average...

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For over 19 years I have run my own golf schools, not only in the UK but in Spain Portugal Iceland Denmark Sweden Norway and the USA. A 30min or 60min lesson at home is good, but not alway enough to give you time to practice and that is why golf schools work. I am proud to be an Advanced Fellow of the PGA and an Honorary Member too, this has taken years of hard work on my education in the golf industry plus trying different ways to do golf school. I believe in a week away you have enough...

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