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How many times during the year does your playing partner say to you, “What happened there?” with your response “I was trying to hit this shot I saw Rory hit on YouTube”!!!!!!!!!!!  One of the most common faults in people’s rounds is no the execution of shot but the course management prior to the shot that didn’t go to plan. Too many golfers always try to hit a certain shot that 1) they have never practised 2) saw a video on YouTube of how it should be done or 3) have little understanding of what is required to play that...

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James Watts one of Trainee PGA Professionals and an ex European and Challenge tour professional gives you a little insight into why knowing the carry yardage is important.

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We are fed up of seeing golfers who have wasted thier money on products in their golf bag that have little or no performance benefit. Understanding how to set up your golf bag is key to helping you play better golf and have the options you need when you need it.

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