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One of the most important things to achieve better scores in golf is to make sure you are getting consistent contact with the ball. Mis hits, Fat and thin Strikes can lead to a world of pain and some pretty high scores. As in golf we don't have a moving object as you would in football, tennis or badminton, ensuring that we maintain a centred approach to impact will help us deliver the club to the same spot as the ball. Try this quick drill to see how you get on 1. Place a water bottle on the outside of...

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Has it ever crossed your mind the impact Technology has had on the game of golf? Have you noticed how the golf balls we use in this day and age fly much further and straighter than ever before? The Drivers that we use are much lighter yet far more powerful, each year a new Driver appears which is longer and straighter than the last one, The Irons are better balanced, shafts are lighter and more flexible in the right places, A 7iron now travels about the same distance as a 5iron used too, This is all great but the average...

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James Watts one of Trainee PGA Professionals and an ex European and Challenge tour professional gives you a little insight into why knowing the carry yardage is important.

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