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Well for the first time in a long, long while I had the pleasure of watching all 4 days of this year’s Masters. Albeit a very autumnal looking Augusta this year, what a pleasure it was to have it on our tv screens in what has been such a challenging year. We all knew scoring records would be under threat this week knowing how soft Augusta would be playing and how far these guys hit it. The undulating greens, usually being the protection to low scoring sadly didn’t really play apart as the players were able to take dead aim...

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Are You Looking To Get Into Golf at AFGolfStore Cambridge Common Questions, Comments & Statements Surrounding Golf.I had the pleasure of teaching two completely NEW lady beginners their first ever golf lesson this week and I was amazed with some of the worries/questions they had just to name a few below. It was very scary to hear some of the things that put people off having a go at what I believe to be one of the most rewarding sports ever. The reason I’m writing this blog is to put all your minds at rest and understand that learning to play...

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