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One thing that I get frustrated most about with golfers that are not performing the way they wish is the lack of discipline and detail in thier set up. A key part to this is posture. Now we know that all of us a different shapes and sizes and with different length arms and legs. We have different movement capabilities and pyhsical restrictions so sometimes the "athletic posture" you may see from elite athletes on the TV is not always possible. However what is possible is to follw so simple core concepts and be in a position to repeat this...

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As most of us know Putting can make or break a round of golf. Simply holing those extra few putts can be difference in lowering the handicap or losing to your buddies. Quite often one of the biggest mistakes we see on the putting green is a need to follow the putt with your eyes and body as if you were hitting a full shot. This huge amount of movement in a putting stroke can lead to a number of problems 1. Miss Hits leading to poor speed and pace control 2. Not being able to start the ball on...

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