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It is bad enough that you miss-strike an iron into a green or a driver off the tee, but how bad can you feel after striking a putt badly? Over the years I have seen many players fail to realise the importance of a consistent strike with a putter and what an inconsistent strike with a putter can really have an effect on. So why does it matter if you strike a putter consistently? 1. Speed control, moving the strike location around the face will simply mean the ball will come off the putter at different speeds, meaning judging distance will...

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As most of us know Putting can make or break a round of golf. Simply holing those extra few putts can be difference in lowering the handicap or losing to your buddies. Quite often one of the biggest mistakes we see on the putting green is a need to follow the putt with your eyes and body as if you were hitting a full shot. This huge amount of movement in a putting stroke can lead to a number of problems 1. Miss Hits leading to poor speed and pace control 2. Not being able to start the ball on...

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