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In 2021, AFGolfStore, will be launching our new group coaching academy for ladies and beginner golfers at Kingsway Golf Centre, Cambridge. We will have a ladies specific group program as well as our start golf sessions for the beginner golfers, open to both men and women. Each program will consist of three levels, taking you from complete beginner, novice or learner, through to a competent on course golfer, with an understanding of how to play the game. Not only this, but upon graduating our 3-levels, your coach will have helped you create a bespoke, follow on pathway for you and...

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Are You Looking To Get Into Golf at AFGolfStore Cambridge Common Questions, Comments & Statements Surrounding Golf.I had the pleasure of teaching two completely NEW lady beginners their first ever golf lesson this week and I was amazed with some of the worries/questions they had just to name a few below. It was very scary to hear some of the things that put people off having a go at what I believe to be one of the most rewarding sports ever. The reason I’m writing this blog is to put all your minds at rest and understand that learning to play...

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It’s a real buzz, it’s a really good way to get some exercise in and a great way to enjoy yourself, It’s a really interesting game and everyone will have their own level of ability and with the right tuition and guidance we can help you maximise your potential.   Being a beginner at anything is challenging but with the right support in golf this is the best time to make really big improvements, step by step you get better or in this case shot by shot, you’ll get better, Trust me when I tell you no matter what level...

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