The importance of nutrition in your game!

The importance of nutrition in your game!

I have heard this a lot lately “ 19 points on the front and a car crash on the back 11 points”

Does this sound familiar to you??

Couple of interesting facts especially having come out of lockdown and put a bit of timber on myself my fitness isn’t quite where it was.

Daily calorie intake for men should be 2500.

The daily calorie intake for women 2000.

Lets say the average round of golf is 3.5 hours.

  • If you use a buggy for 18 holes you will burn anywhere between 240 & 330 calories an hour.
  • If you walk and use an electric trolley for 18 holes you will burn an extra 100 or so, burning between 340 & 430 per hour.
  • If you walk and carry your golf bag you will burn a minimum of 450 calories an hour.

So work out how many calories you burn in a round of golf and compare that to your daily intake. You can start to see it is possible to burn/lose close to a full day’s worth of calorie intake in just 1 round of golf. What will be the effect if we let this happen?

Fatigue will try to set in when you play golf whatever fitness level, age or standard you are if you don’t replenish those energy levels. So this issue on the back 9 that seems to be reoccurring can simply be helped. Not fixed but helped.

An example might be, you tee off at 8am and you’ve had a normal breakfast of 2 eggs on toast. That’s an intake of 315 calories to start the day. On that day, your playing ROYSTON GC (not the flattest of walks) and use an electric trolley. By 9 holes you’ll have burnt well over double your morning consumption.

Around hole 12/13 you start to feel hungry. This feeling, by the way is the same as when you yawn, it means the body started to feel tired 20 minutes prior. So we need to replenish those calories to endure the back 9.


A will provide us with enough energy over the closing holes.

B keeps us sharp between the ears.

I have always been a true believer that to be mentally fit you have to be physically fit, and the main source of fuel for the body to function properly is food.

What you decide as your fuel is your choice and something I’m happy to talk about for another time. All I say is make sure you have something in the bag that will aid your performance for that all important back 9 whether it be in the monthly stableford, a friendly fiver with your friends or a quick knock after work.


Luke Roberts

PGA Professional

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