The next time you can get on an aeroplane... with Denise Hastings

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The next time you can get on an aeroplane... with Denise Hastings

For over 19 years I have run my own golf schools, not only in the UK but in Spain Portugal Iceland Denmark Sweden Norway and the USA.

A 30min or 60min lesson at home is good, but not alway enough to give you time to practice and that is why golf schools work. I am proud to be an Advanced Fellow of the PGA and an Honorary Member too, this has taken years of hard work on my education in the golf industry plus trying different ways to do golf school.

I believe in a week away you have enough time to go over and practice the things you are working on. My program will always start with clinics on the topic we are going to work on.

EG day 1, 9 am short game, short pitching I will set up stations with the balls and targets to go to. 10.30 I will do a long game session with Video . I will do a clinic on set up, ball position, grip, low point and balance. Things for the students to work on wile I am doing one to one session on the video. After lunch we then will take it all on to the course, were I will walk or play some holes with each group for there on course tuition. Of course ever day has different content so we will work on every aspect of the game. This gives the students plenty of time to work on there golf.

I have found this works well and I am proud to say I have around 80% returns to my schools.

It’s not all hard work, as it’s a holiday too, there is a day of rest, we’re some people practice, rest and even play more golf, that is up to you, but I always say, take time to rest as people are not really used to playing golf AND practicing for 5 days on the bounce. I will make sure all the people come away have fun and will make sure there are lots of drills and some fun skills test as the end of the school.

I am now looking forward to getting back on the road when this horrible virus has gone, I will have dates out as soon as I can.

Keep up your golf, practice with a purpose and come and see me for some help when all of this is over. Stay safe.

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