Too much in the bag! Stop Confusing the issue

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Too much in the bag! Stop Confusing the issue

One thing that our custom fit team constantly talks about is how so often we see golfers with either too many clubs or the complete wrong set up in their golf bags. Whether it is because they have always had a Driver, 3wood and 5 wood so therefore feel daft without them, or that because Phil Mickelson carries 4 wedges they feel they should do the same.

Setting up a golf bag really isnt as difficult as it sounds and really starts with how far you hit your driver. So for example if you hit your driver 300 yards, your bag set up needs to work back from thier making sure there are enough options to cover enough yardages back towards the green. However if you drive the ball 150 yards with your driver, you would think you need less clubs, with less yardage to cover. That is what we recommend but still golfers feel that because they are allowed 14 clubs they should carry 14 clubs.

Once you get that Driver distance maxed out, then we can go to town to build a middle section that works for your game, desired strategy and of course the types of courses you play. Do you play in the wind? What is club head speed? How often are you going to need to carry the ball 230? The list goes on. Once we figure this out we can work down into the irons and the wedges. 

When it comes to club fitting it is so much more than getting the correct head, loft, shaft in a set of irons, or picking the Taylormade or Callaway Driver as they are the most popular. Seriously we do not want to see our players and customers waste money by putting ill fitted and under performing products in thier golf bag. It is why as a store and as fitters we want the whole market open to the play. Not one brand is always rgiht for one golfer, by using the available options whilst looking at each section you can set up a bag that plays well and probably saves you money in the long run.

Have a look in your golf bag and be brutal with your current setup!




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