What Can Trackman Do For You?

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What Can Trackman Do For You?

Was it my clubs?

Was it my swing?

Did I lift my head?

Have I got the correct shafts?

If you have ever asked yourself any of the above questions on the golf course or driving range then as a golfer you are not alone. For too long in the golf world whether it be coaching or club fitting players have been ruined, given up, bought the wrong equipment because they simply didn’t know what the problem was and quite frankly therefore had no clue on how to improve and get better.

A few years ago, we took the decision as coaches and as an academy that wanted answers for our students and ourselves. We really didn’t want to have to guess what shaft might work in a driver, or what loft might deliver the correct launch dynamics. We wanted to know.

So as inquisitive golf coaches and professionals we looked around at what was available and for spent a long time researching the pro’s and con’s all types of ball tracking and camera units, and we came to the conclusion for that trackman gave us the data we needed in a format that was easily understandable for not only us (we are not mathematicians) but also for those clients and players in front of us.

So what I hear you shout, what can trackman do for my golf swing and golf clubs.

The answer here is it can’t DO anything. It won’t hit the ball for you and it certainly won’t create a magic formula that will enable you to hit every shot dead straight. What it will do and used with a PGA professional and Trackman certified coach is it will give you a clear picture of what, your coach and your club fitter need to do to get you closer to your goals.

What can trackman measure?

Trackman measure a number or parameters, so you will never need to see but the simplest ones that make the biggest impact on a players performance are:

  • Ball Speed – If you want to hit it further it can measure how fast the ball travels
  • Spin rate – If you spin rates are too high or too low then this can have huge impact on the flight, carry and roll of a golf ball
  • Club Head Speed – how fast do you move the club through impact, understand this and you can help a player match the correct shaft and head to maximise ball speed
  • Launch direction – Does your ball start left or right of target? Is it you, the club or the shaft?
  • Launch angle – critical in knowing for those golfers who lack carry.
  • Smash Factor – how efficient are you in creating ball speed

And one of our favourites…

  • Descent angle – how well do you stop a ball on a green, understanding the angle the ball lands can have an effect on how well you hold a green.

So you see measuring helps, measuring with trained PGA Professionals or club fitters helps, investing in your game whether it be new clubs or golf lessons without some tangible measurements makes mapping improvement very difficult.

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