What should be in your bag?

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What should be in your bag?

Ever wondered why you carry 14 clubs?

Is it because the rules allow it so why not?

Ever looked in your bag a realised you have never hit "that wood" or never really use my 4 iron?

Well you are not alone and most of the time it is because the bag isn't set up correctly.

To understand how many clubs you should have you really need to make sure you reflect and understand how far you hit the driver? It for example you hit the Driver 350 yards like Rory or DJ then carry 14 clubs makes sense. The distance and gap between zero and your longest club is huge. 

However, if you only carry your driver 200 yards, on your best day then you are carrying clubs that will either do the same job or never be used.

How shoudl you set up your bag

1. Make sure you maximise Distance with Driver 

2. The second club in the bag needs to go 20-25 yards carry behind the driver and it doesn't matter what it says on the bottom of it, it just needs to hit those numbers.

3. We are looking for a 5mph ball speed difference from then down covering each yardage in order

4. Make sure the middle part of the bag is able to stop on the green, carry far enough be consistent on miss hits (especially for that club golfer)

5. Make sure you have enough loft but not too many wedges

These are some very simple tips and you can watch us talk about it more on our youtube channel.

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