WHITE OG is Back From Odyssey Golf

WHITE OG is Back From Odyssey Golf

Odyssey has been been the number 1 putter on tour for a number of years. Over the years you have seen a variety of shapes and head designs along iwth the Odyssey White Hot insert changing for different feels. 

The reason Odyssey change the face and feels is simple, They Listen!


At Odyssey, one of the most important things they do is listen to average golfers, better players, and of course Tour pros. They listen to staff professionals who are out working with players every day. They listen to customers, sales teams, and the marketplace. And occasionally they hear something coming through so loudly that we can’t ignore it. This was the case with White Hot.
From all corners everyone shouted WE love White Hot, and everyone wanted it in a new offering.

That’s why they decided to bring  White Hot back, but we knew that if we were going to bring it back, we had to make it special but the insert would be the same beloved design as the original. The shapes would be familiar too, but they would be re-imagined and enhanced. Each shape in this line has been developed with painstaking attention to every detail.

All of the great designs are available in the new technology especially the popular #7 Fang #1 and of course the beloved 2 Ball Putter.

It could be a great year on the greens for Odyssey and we are looking forward to putting it in the mix in the studio for our Putter Fittings.

You are able to find out more about Putter fittings and tiems available HERE

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