Why golfers shouldn’t worry how far the ball goes!!!

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Why golfers shouldn’t worry how far the ball goes!!!


In my experience too many club golfers concentrate on how far they hit the ball, you may hit a driver 250 yards and your 7 iron 155 yards in the summer but what about the winter? When the ball hits the ground its now out of our control and any playing professional will always look at what number they want to land the ball, as this is in the summer the ball is going to run after its first bounce whereas in the winter the ball may stop quickly. The type of golf course will also change how far the balls travels even the type of ball will change the spin rate and how far the ball will travel.


Each golfer should concentrate on how far they carry the ball with each club rather than the total distance. Your 7 iron may finish at 155 yards but it may only fly 140 yards and concentrating on these distances will help better your scores. For example, if playing a golf course where a carry over water may be 150 yards, you now know a 7 iron cannot carry this hazard so therefore hitting a 6 iron would be the best option rather than hitting a 7 iron, hearing a splash, then saying “I normally hit my 7 iron 155 yards!”


By using the new TopTracer Range at Kingsway or having a gapping session you can find these numbers and save them to your phone for when you next play. You may be surprised but this information will be more valuable than knowing the total distance. 


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