Why practicing in the garden will have a major boost on your overall game?  with Mike Murphy

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Why practicing in the garden will have a major boost on your overall game? with Mike Murphy

Has it ever crossed your mind the impact Technology has had on the game of golf? Have you noticed how the golf balls we use in this day and age fly much further and straighter than ever before? The Drivers that we use are much lighter yet far more powerful, each year a new Driver appears which is longer and straighter than the last one, The Irons are better balanced, shafts are lighter and more flexible in the right places, A 7iron now travels about the same distance as a 5iron used too, This is all great but the average score of the day to day amateur golfer has not gone down in 20/30years, for an average golfer a good golf score is 100strokes(according to the national golf foundation), Even though average golfers are hitting their longest ever drives their scores haven’t improved. In Golf how you play inside of 100yards is the main component of how you score. The higher your scores are, the more you need a decent short game. Beginners and high handicappers don’t hit as many greens as good players, which means they face more short game shots per round. As a junior at the golf club where I was a member growing up, the older members didn’t want the juniors to be hanging around the bar, so what The other juniors and I would do is spend all our time playing chipping competitions on the practice area. All the juniors that were out practicing on the chipping and putting area were off really low handicaps by the time they were 16/17 years old, even though we didn’t hit it miles, Our short games were awesome. By practicing your chipping you get a real feel for club face control, this will help you when you start hitting iron shots again, as 80% of iron shots go where the club face is pointing through impact, you also get a good feel for hitting down whilst striking the ball, Simply put, The better you are at chipping the lower your scores get. It’s a lot easier to putt a ball in from 1ft as it is from 10ft. So the closer you chip it the better. Watch your scores drop when you get back out on the course, my tip for improving your scores whilst in isolation is, keep practicing your chipping!

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