Why you only need 2 swing to get around a golf course 

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Why you only need 2 swing to get around a golf course 

How many times during the year does your playing partner say to you, “What happened there?” with your response “I was trying to hit this shot I saw Rory hit on YouTube”!!!!!!!!!!!

 One of the most common faults in people’s rounds is no the execution of shot but the course management prior to the shot that didn’t go to plan. Too many golfers always try to hit a certain shot that 1) they have never practised 2) saw a video on YouTube of how it should be done or 3) have little understanding of what is required to play that shot. YouTube is a great way to gain more knowledge and understanding of how the professionals execute shots but the primary reason why they can execute those shots is because they are professionals and have practised the shot for hours to get it right. 

 If you are wanting to add more shots to your game, speak to your professional and ask for their advice and guidance, in the meant time you only need 2 swings to get you round (long game that is!) Your full swing to which you should know how far each club carries, not total distance, and a ¾ swing. This ¾ swing should go as far as your full swing with your next club for example a ¾ 7 iron should go as far as a full 8! The ¾ swing will fly slightly lower than a full shot so better into the wind and is easier to control, less moving parts + less speed = more control. 

 Unless you have practised to improve accept the shot shape you hit and use it all the way round the course. If you know your full 7 will go past the pin and a ¾ 7 or 8 won’t reach look to see where the larger part of the green would be, for example if the pin is at the back of the green hit the 8, if the pin is on the front hit the 7. Over complicating the decision-making process will over complicate the execution and create poor shots. Keep it simple to hit more greens and lower your scores. 

 James Watts

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