Total Junior Golfer

Our Mission:

To create a platform that allows junior golfers to play together, learn together and gain skills that last a lifetime!

What is the number one reason children play sport? Because it is fun!! And we are no different!

We are the Total Junior Golfer. A junior golf academy dedicated to giving every child in Cambridgeshire the opportunity to play golf in the most FUN and enjoyable way. We are located at Kingsway Golf Centre and Girton Golf Club.

Our philosophy is to build an athlete as well as a golfer! We offer game based learning in all of our sessions, with the use of a variety of stations. Our stations include both golf and physical skills to enhance movement patterns and coordination.
All of our skills have fun at the heart of them which makes learning easy!

Our coaching services include our weekly group sessions, holiday camps and private coaching programmes.



Becoming a member of our academy is easy! Benefits include, weekly tuition with our team of coaches, events and competitions to improve your golf skills, a membership to our par 3 golf course during the term time and a team cap.

We have groups based on each child's development stage. Ages are also stated as a guideline, however we are fully aware all children develop at different rates and therefore, we would be happy to discuss which class would be best for your child.



This phase of training has 3 levels, which will range from approx. 4-10 years old. Here we will work on gaining fundamental movement skills, increasing speed and improving golf skills to build confidence on our short course. The levels are more guidelines for our coaches to understand what level of coaching your child requires.


With 3 more levels this phase will take your child into a new opportunity of learning. From ages 9+ we now begin to introduce more technical coaching as we begin a journey to playing on full sized courses, gaining membership and having the opportunity to compete.

Below is our weekly class schedule.


One off lessons available at £11 for first time only.

For families with two or more children select the silver or gold package.

To become a member or learn more please contact Chris -