Premier Performance Program

Introducing our 'Premier Performance Program'. Designed specifically for you, the dedicated golfer, passionate about transforming your golf game with the help of our coaching team.
We understand the value of playing better golf, and what it means to you. We also appreciate your time and efforts put it deserve the best outcomes. This is why all of our programs begin with a 90-minute full game assessment, so we can truly understand who we are working with. We want to know your golfing frustrations!
- Hooks and slices?
- 3 putting?
- Lacking distance?
- Too many double bogeys?
- Inconsistent?
With the aid of industry leading technology, we will find out the catalysts to your frustrations and build a program specific to your needs, along with new, achievable goals and proven practice methods to help you outside of your lessons. 
Our 'Premier Performance Program' coach is Dean Saunders. A technology driven coach with accreditations from Trackman University, Titleist Performance Institute and Science and Motion.
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So what are you waiting for? Begin your game transformation program today!
Below are our 3 'Premier Performance Plans'. All programs are on a monthly basis.