Putting Lessons

The Why

Here at AFGolfStore our belief is that” we coach the player NOT a method”.

EVERY golfer from beginner to Professional can physically achieve in this area of the game. Q, Am I going to be able to swing the club like a tour pro..? A,probably not... Q, Can you teach me to putt like one......? A, Hell yer !!

If you look at the top-level tour Professionals none of them have an identical style, they may have similarities / traits but not identical. Each individual is different, so different approaches are taken with each student to help them improve.

In our state-of-the-art facility we have all the latest technology to hand. From S.A.M Putt Lab to Boditrack Force plate, visio putting aids( link in here ) and more......... all the above are used to help the coach and the student understand where their faults lie and what they are so we together can work in a methodical way to create you a putting stroke that works for you.


Coaching Philosophy

My Coaching Philosophy for putting is a very simple one...........

Understand how you control the two main factors that go into making a putt. Direction and Distance!

Focusing on the individual is the priority of each session, Not cloning everyone to make them look aesthetically pleasing. You only have to watch the top players in the world to see that they will stand slightly differently, Grip the putter differently, they backswing and follow-through will be done differently. This is because we …. as humans are all different, in size & stature and how we see, understand and learn!

With this said there will be similar traits that you can see in the very top players that are skilled in this wonderful art that we call Putting

During a session we will help you apply skills into your technique increasing your performance on the Green.