Golf Lessons in Cambridge



Welcome to the coaching page of AFGolf Store based in Cambridge. 

Quick becoming recognised in Cambridge for our increasing team of professionals and variety of coaching services, we pride ourselves on giving the best golf coaching service in Cambridgeshire.

We are the largest golf coaching academy in Cambridge, offering expert knowledge in all aspects of the game. From swing technique to mastering the short game, our coaches offer all the knowledge required to get your game in shape.

Here are a list of the golf lessons we offer in Cambridge:

  • In-depth coaching of the swing. Expert knowledge, giving you the  understanding of the swing and ball flight characteristics.
  • Expert putting coaching both indoors and out. 
  • Short game coaching offering a variety of shots choices around the green.
  • On course performance, with statistical analysis and in-depth game report.
  • Acclaimed junior academy coaching, offering a wide variety of services from weekly group coaching in Cambridgeshire to long term performance plans on an individual basis with a team of coaches.
  • Technological support from the leading technology in golf, including, Trackman 4 and Trackman 3, Science and Motion, KVest, Boditrak and video analysis with Hudl Elite.
  • Group coaching for ladies, seniors, men, beginners as well as our clinics and masterclasses.

Alongside our accredited coaches with the following qualifications:

  • TPI, TPI Fitness, TPI Junior Level 2
  • SAM Lab 
  • Trackman University
  • Boditrak
  • KVest
  • Stack and Tilt
  • US Kids Golf 

You are sure to find a coach, and program to suit your game and needs.


Our individual, ladies and group golf lessons in Cambridge. We have 8 professionals to choose from, with coaching available 7 days a week. We will transform your performances by addressing the root cause for your frustrations and helping you overcome them. We coach people, meaning we understand everyone is unique and require a different way of learning to others, where it be through methods, or simply the way we communicate our information. 
Golf lessons in Cambridge offering video analysis in all of our private lessons. We offer video feedback to help you appreciate what we are aiming to do with your swing. Feel and real are always different, meaning what you think is going wrong vs what is actually happening will often be different. It is important we make this clear with visual feedback to ensure we are working together in complete confidence.
Leading junior golf lessons in Cambridge 7 days a week. Offering our weekly group academy which has gained notable mentions from leading governing bodies within the golfing industry. We encourage all children to try golf and we promise to help them enjoy it. With weekly classes and daily individual programs we have your child covered with learning opportunities.
Technology including SAM, Trackman, Boditrak and KVest all available with your Cambridge golf lessons at AFGolf Store. We care about how you play the game, and for that reason we believe it is imperative to learn with the right technology. Lessons are available with technology to give you a greater insight into the game.

Whether it is how to draw a ball through understanding weight distribution with Boditrak, or understanding the swing and face path relationship with Trackman, we guarantee you will leave with a better understanding of your game.