Luke Roberts

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PGA Qualified: 2007
PGA Status: Advanced
Email Address:
Qualifications: NLP Sports Practitioner | Leadbetter Coach
Golf Speciality:
I am passionate about improving peoples golf swings. I have travelled and lived all over the world to gain as much golf swing knowledge as possible and taken snippets of some world renowned golf coaches to implement my own style.
Having taught over 10,000 golf lessons in my time already I have all the tools to help any level of golfer improve and understand their own golf swing.
I am driven by imparting knowledge and seeing others improve their own skills which goes hand in hand with my unique teaching style which is simple, efficiently effective and most importantly fun.
I have now been working with AFGolf Store Cambridge for well over a year now so if you see me feel free to stop me and pick my brains. I love talking Golf.
If you’d like to know anymore please feel free to get in touch.
Learn more about me and check out my YouTube video: CLICK HERE